Ain-I of the Neutral (ニュートラルのアインI, Nyūtoraru no Ain Ai): Ain-I is a Matroid designed by Metal-Alice in her own scheme to understand the concept of friendship, placing a remote-controlled Alice Bomb (A(アリス)ボム, Arisu Bomu) with a 300 meter blast radius in his body. Left in the care of Eri, Ain-I is renamed "Koro" and learns many things before Metal-Alice deems the experiment a waste of her time and wipes out his memory while activating his battle mode. Though his brain is damaged in the fight, Metal-Alice enlarges Ain-I and activates the Alice Bomb as Super Gosei Pink manages to use Gosei Ultimate to take Ain-I into the stratosphere before he suddenly reactivates and knocks Gosei Ultimate away to save Eri. Ain-I is named after A.I. Artificial Intelligence (A.I., Ē Ai) and modeled after a starfish. Voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi (山口 勝平, Yamaguchi Kappei).

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