Art Squadron Ninjaman
Number 3
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Art Squadron Ninjaman (芸術戦隊ニンジャマン, Geijutsu Sentai Ninjaman) is the 3rd season of Super Sentai series.


Samuel TeamEdit

  • Samuel Joo/RedNinja/RedNinja Super Mode
  • Sam Puckett/YellowNinja
  • Freddy Benson/BlueNinja
  • Spencer Shay/BlackNinja
  • Carly Shay/WhiteNinja


  • Ninjaman
  • Professor Enter

Genjutsu MastersEdit

Genjutsu BeastsEdit

  • Ultimate Gattai Genjutsu: KyukyokugenShogun
    • Super Gattai Genjutsu: ChogenShogun
      • Gattai Genjutsu: GenShogun
        • GenApe
        • GenBear
        • GenWolf
        • GenToad
        • GenFlamingo
        • Bird of Light
        • Beast King Brachiosaur

Genjutsu GuardiansEdit

  • Ultimate Gattai Genjutsu: KyukyokuOhShogun
    • Super Gattai Genjutsu: ChoOhShogun
      • Gattai Genjutsu: OhShogun
        • GenCourage
        • GenSincerity
        • GenFriendship
        • GenKnowledge
        • GenLove
        • Bird of Light
        • Beast King Brachiosaur

Youkai ArmyEdit

  • Daiboroya
  • Sadako
  • Skull-Guy


  • Red Infinity - Samuel's primary morphing device when he's mad by calling him "Little Boy" by Sayako, Skull-Guy, Daiboroya or Minor Youkai.
    • Ninja Changer
  • Genjutsu Summon Scroll



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