Bari-Boru-Dara of the Uniberus Headder
Episode: The Trap of the Earth Salvation Plan
Squadron Show: Celestial Armament Squadron Goseiger

Voiced by Hisao Egawa (江川 央生 Egawa Hisao?).


Bari-Boru-Dara of the Uniberus Headder (ユニベロスヘッダーのバリ・ボル・ダラ Yuniberosu Heddā no Bari Boru Dara?): The triple-headed Bari-Boru-Dara is created by Brajira with the ability to turn into a right hand gauntlet, his red-eyed main head named Bari (バリ?), his blue-eyed right head named Boru (ボル?), and his yellow-eyed left head named Dara (ダラ?). After being hit by the Super Sky-Land Dynamic attack and enlarged by the Bibi Bugs, Bari-Boru-Dara allows himself to be destroyed by Seaick Gosei Great so he can become the Sea Wedge (海の楔 Umi no Kusabi?) in the Nega End ceremony.[6] Bari-Boru-Dara is named after the Harry Potter films (ハリー・ポッター Harī Pottā?) and is modeled after the Unicorn, Cerberus, and a long spear.