One-eyed batlings
Bibi Bugs
Gender: both
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Season: Celestial Armament Squadron Goseiger
Homeworld: BiBi World (destroyed by XANA's true form for a years ago)
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Fictional historyEdit

The poisonous Bibi Bugs (ビービ虫 Bībi Mushi?), are living products from the dark aspects of previous alien races Warstar conquered. After Warstar fell, Brajira kept the Bibi Bugs' hive to utilize them for the Yuumajuu before Kinggon takes it. When Kinggon was destroyed, the Bibi Bug Hive ended up in Metal-Alice's possession, modifying them to convert into Bibi Nails to enlarge Matroids. Eventually the Bibi Bugs are destroyed after Brajira's death. However, one Bibi Bug survives and evolves into a humanoid form called King Bibi (キングビービ Kingu Bībi?) who enters the body of Yumeko Hoshino in order to execute a master plan that would destroy the Goseigers and everything they stood for in order to avenge his kind while feeding on the darkness in human hearts. However, King Bibi's plan fails and he is destroyed soon after by Ground Gosei Great.

History of Samuel's StoryEdit

Destruction and GoseigersEdit

An BiBi hive lives on BiBi World where the flyers are peaceful, but XANA perished their world however. When BiBi World is destroyed, BiBi Flyers went to Earth to meet King Bura's son Burajin so, he soon take to new home. The BiBi Flyers searching for a person who losing his powers is Samuel who drained his body by Holland. By major problem Samuel is turned into Third Genderswap Form is weaker than before Shinkenger. However, Burajin calls BiBi Flyers to heal and accidentally enlarged Samuel, but turned back into normal size. Meeting with Goseigers, the BiBi Flyers' fluids aren't hurt everybody elses because they are BiBi species and story about a four ancestors. Along with humanity, the BiBi Flyers flies and making the hive then safe place to live on.


A BiBi Flyers were still lives on BiBi hive and people has a pet in minor appearance.

List of the BiBi FlyersEdit

The BiBi Flyers has a ability to gain their powers to defeat them. Whatever the BiBi Flyers are shot or nearly burned, it will destroyed causing the hive is rejuvenates BiBi Flyers. With the lifecycle, the BiBi Flyers has a five stages however. BiBi Flyers creating a Gosei Cards to make an attacks. Also, BiBi Flyers merged into warrior form.

  • BiBi Larvas (for Goseigers' repairment)
  • Normal BiBi Flyers (for Samuel's healing or enlarged inculding his allies)
  • Skick BiBi Flyers (for Samuel's Skick power)
  • Landick BiBi Flyers (for Sakurako's Landick power)
  • Seaick BiBi Flyers (for Souichirou's Seaick power)
  • Clone BiBi Flyers (for Samuel's idea to destroys the Takeru's Nevel's dark magic)
  • Super BiBi Flyers (for Super Goseigers' power)
  • Queen BiBi Flyers (for Samuel's Gosei power)

List of the Gosei BiBiEdit

  • Skick BiBi Form
  • Landick BiBi Form
  • Seaick BiBi Form


  • The BiBi Flyers are actually peaceful creatures who dominated by XANA.
  • Like other insects, the BiBi Flyers starts mating and lays a eggs, larva form, pupa form, young until a final stage adult.