Buster Squadron Dekanger: ClimaxMovie (撃退戦隊デカンジャー:クライマックスムービー, Gekitai Sentai Dekanjā: Kuraimakkusu Mūbī) is the first ever GENERATION movie of the 2012 century. This story is about young boy named Roho Joo, an son of Dillain and Misaki. Along with friends, Yurima and Ratasuke with an former foe Captain Sardines and Felme. However, the evil shadow has come with an evil red alien named Reiblood fused with an revived Pierre into PierReiblood. Roho and his friends battling the evil forbidden Reiblood by against revived Digiald Army and Gedoushu.



  • Roho Joo
  • Yurima
  • Ratasuke Castagnier
  • Captain Sardines
  • Felme
  • Ruuji
  • Ra Kan
  • Rei Mii
  • Kotona
  • Galaga
  • Ron
  • Seijuurou
  • Souta


  • Enter
  • Dillain Joo
  • Misaki Ayuzawa
  • Samuel Joo
  • Super Sentai


  • Pierblood
  • Chimatsuri Doukuku
  • Jiin


  • The anime characters was only film is between of Roho and Ruuji battling against Pierblood and Jiin.

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