Daikaiju Battle Galaxy (大怪獣バトルギャラクシー, Daikaijū Batoru Gyarakushī) is the first GENERATION series of Super Sentai. This series is no Rangers and mechas, but only just monsters.


After the movie, Dillain rejoined old teammates and go to Kaiju World then see every Kaiju in the universes. King Julien greatest built the Dillain's own starship called Drago Carrier inside the ZERO Machines to help traveled the Kaiju World.




  • Dillain Joo/Kyoryuto Mode
  • Rumi Eleking
  • Langley/Kujaku Mode
  • Cheran/Thunderax Mode
  • Achangna

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  • Samuel Joo/Samu/El (deceased, but revived by three Legend Medals)
  • Eureka (deceased, but revived by three Legend Medals)
  • Peter
  • Masato Jin (Samuel and Kaito genetic clone)
  • Hirode
  • Misaki Ayuzawa
  • Professor Enter
  • SpaceGodzilla
  • Godzilla
  • Gigan
  • Kazeshiro Hinato
  • Kaito Daimon
  • Pete
  • Lilys
  • Rei
  • Kate


Dex TroopEdit

  • Shadow the Knight
  • Eustace
  • Dr. Mikoto

Death GeneEdit

  • Des-Burado of Kuriy (disguise as Super Kaiju before an Death Master)
  • Destron Prince Ryusin
  • Shade
  • Gomora King



  • Dillain's house
  • Dr. Fujika's Base Lab
  • Kaiju Tournament Championship
  • Samuel's old school


Protagonist's MonstersEdit

Dillain's MonstersEdit

  • Indragosaurus (1, Nickname: Indrago)
    • Battle Indragosaurus/EV2/EVBurst/Gigasdragosaurus/Daidragosaur/Super Indragosaurus
    • Bura-Key/Indragosaurus FBM/SBM/DMM/OSM/BLM/Kazen Indrago/Kyoryuto Indragosaurus
  • Eleking (2, form of Rimu Eleking)
  • GigasBoxer (44)
  • Daishinryu (76)

Langley's MonstersEdit

  • Skyphoenix (3, Nickname: Skybird)/Fire Mode/Battle Skyphoenix/EV2/Kujaku Skyphoenix
  • Stagora (combify and mutated of Insectus and Stagsectis II after Eleking accidentally merging with Red Gomora's data)
  • Voltin (61, formerly given by Dillain)

Cheran's MonstersEdit

  • Rhinodon (2, Nickname: Rhinoz)/Battle Rhinodon/EV2/Thunderax Rhinodon
  • Arigera (37, formerly given by Dillain)
  • Saurian (49)

Achangna's MonstersEdit

  • Grounleon/GrounT-Rex/GrounLeojin (20, with combines GrounBoy and GrounGirl, formerly given by Hirode)
    • GrounBoy (20)
    • GrounGirl (20)

Samuel's MonstersEdit

Kaito's MonstersEdit

Lilys' MonstersEdit

Masato's MonstersEdit

Antagonist's MonstersEdit

Shadow's MonstersEdit

Kiriy's MonstersEdit

  • Fury Dragonzer
  • Minoturo (19 and 32, destroyed by Indrago's Flaming Shot, Skybird's Infinity Sky, Rhinoz's Super Crash and GrounLeojin's Tri-Leon Strike)
  • Ghost Hunter X (24 and 25, delivering the final blow by Indrago EVBurst)
  • Blast Hunter X (42, destroyed by EX Gomora)

Beast GuardiansEdit

This Beast Guardians are the servants lead by Destron Prince.

Enemy MonstersEdit

List of the Monsters in the episodes.


These episodes are monster's name, versus or others.

  1. The Kaiju, Indragonsaurus
  2. Indrago vs. Rhinodon
  3. Indrago vs. Skyphoenix
  4. Indrago, Skybird and Rhinoz vs. Raptosar
  5. Rhinoz vs. Dynabird
  6. Skybird vs. Bugsectis (Part One)
  7. Skybird and Rhinoz vs. Stagsectus (Part Two)
  8. Indrago vs. Crabstew
  9. Three Kaiju vs. Train Ghost
  10. Indrago vs. Red Crimson
  11. Three Kaiju vs Nova Robot
  12. Indrago vs Indrago-Rex
  13. Three Kaiju vs. Demonlord (Part One)
  14. Three Kaiju vs. Demonlord (Part Two)
  15. Indrago and Rhinoz vs. Deltia
  16. Indrago vs Super Kaiju (Part One)
  17. Three Kaiju vs. Fury Dragonzer (Part Two)
  18. The Battle Cruiser Cannon
  19. Three Kaiju vs. Minoturo
  20. Grounleon
  21. Indrago and Grounleon vs. Robot Gotcha
  22. Four Kaiju vs. Stagsectis II
  23. Rhinoz vs. Crabstew Super
  24. Four Kaiju vs. Ghost Hunter X (Part One)
  25. Indrago vs. Ghost Hunter X (Part Two)
  26. Skybird, Rhinoz and Grounleon vs. Indrago EVBurst: Bursting Rampage
  27. Indrago vs. Nejalira
  28. Grounleon and Rhinoz vs. Dorango II
  29. Four Kaiju vs. Claymor
  30. Grounleon vs. Roostar
  31. Indrago vs. Red Gomora
  32. Four Kaiju vs. Minoturo
  33. The Kaiju Championship Tournament (Part One)
  34. KCT: Indrago vs. Beeticle (Part Two)
  35. KCT: Indrago vs. Meteos (Part Three)
  36. KCT Semi-Finals: Eleking vs. Praytis (Part Four)
  37. KCT Final: Indrago vs. Indasir (Part Five)
  38. The Birth of Stagora
  39. Seven Kaiju vs. Mammodon
  40. Rhinoz and Arigera vs. Geysar
  41. Skybird and Stagora vs. Red King
  42. The Mysterious Boy Again, Kaito Daimon and EX Gomora
  43. Dillain's Indrago vs. Kaito's EX Gomora: Battle Again
  44. The Super Prehistoric Beast, GigasBoxer
  45. Nine Kaiju vs. Cyclopus
  46. The Three Heavenly Beasts: Burning Mix-up
  47. Indrago and GigasBoxer vs. The Three Heavenly Beasts
  48. The Heavenly Combination Kaiju
  49. Saurian the Dinoking
  50. The Two Samuels and Captu Jar
  51. The New Advenced Evolution, Indrago vs. Baltan
  52. Skybird vs. Itanosaurus
  53. Ten Kaiju vs. Meteor S
  54. Rhinoz and Saurian vs. Energy Storm Gundam
  55. Indrago vs. Belix II
  56. Cancellation the Championship
  57. The Championship of the Month
  58. KCT: Indrago vs. Mothrin
  59. KCT: His named is Masato Jin
  60. KCT Semi-Finals: Indrago vs. Symbolizar
  61. KCT Final: Indrago vs. Stagora ver. M
  62. The Clone just like Lilys (Enter revealed that a second accident when Samuel created Lilys' Eureka clone and now he's Samuel and Kaito clone, fused together into one genetic resources called DNA Mergication)
  63. The new Kaijusaber
  64. Ten Kaiju vs. Super Meteos
  65. Indrago vs. King Ice-T (Part One)
  66. The newly built Special Bura-Key: Indrago Fire Berserk Mode (Part Two)
  67. Indrago vs. Black Voltron (Part One)
  68. The another Bura-Key, Star Breaker Mode (Part Two)
  69. The Powerfully Drill Bura-Key, Drill Molder Mode
  70. Against the Kaiju
  71. Freezing with Water, Ocean Stat Mode
  72. Rocket needs help, Booster Limit Mode
  73. Leveling up for Two-Combo
  74. The Another New Enemy, the deadly Prince (Part One, Dillain and Indrago was killed)
  75. The All-Powerful Combination, Kazen Indrago (Part Two)
  76. Daishinryu, Advent (Part One)
  77. The Ancient Reality (Part Two)
  78. Skyphoenix and Voltin vs. Beast Guardian Mantabomb
  79. The Kaijunizer, Took Away (Samuel tooks Dillain's Kaijunizer away from fooling his teacher Kazeshiro Hinato by prank, Part One)
  80. Indrago EVBurst vs. Goldstreak: The New Control Burst
  81. Thirteen Kaiju vs. Fury Dragonzer: The Beast Battle (The suddenly appeared was Shade and Gomora King an Samuel and Peter's old foe)
  82. The Rampaging Samuel (Eureka was killed by Shade, but Samuel angered exploded back into Berserk Form instead evolving into 2nd stage)
  83. So Long...Samuel, the Father of Dillain (Samuel dies in hand by Indrago impale his chest and stops his berserk)
  84. The Remembering of Time (Dillain finds the three Legend Medals as Samuel died, his father and mother revived by three Legend Medals to help save his family)
  85. Misaki's Returned (Misaki reappearance as a now almost fully human because her father decide to give Dillain for lover)
  86. The World of Kaiju Tournament Championship
  87. KTC: Indrago vs. Black Dicer
  88. KTC: Indrago vs. H-Android
  89. KTC: Indrago vs. Starrymon
  90. KTC Semi-Finals: Indrago vs. Dugmole
  91. KTC Finals: Indrago vs. Black Armed Knight (Part One)
  92. KTC Finals: Indrago vs. Black Armed Knight: Reversed (Part Two)
  93. Final Episode: Wedding is for Gift




  • After Trilogy series, this GENERATION series are less than cartoonish and more reality and digital movements.