Daikaiju Neo Galaxy: Movie (大怪獣ネオギャラクシー:劇場版, Daikaijū Neo Gyarakushī: Gekijōban) is the Survivenger's only movie and prologue of Survivenger Neo as Season 2. This movie was about flashback story and still Survivenger because Project Zero World was peaceful again through out of the dimensional portals from the ghosts. However, the evil, once again spread on dimensional portals that cause to disappeared.



Super Team Samuel (Currently Team Samuel)Edit

  • Agido Joo/Survivenger (6 years old in flashback and 12 years old in currently)
  • Lola/Explodinger
  • Ibuki/Kaminaringer


  • Doctor Unsade
  • Roho Joo
  • Melk the Second
  • Mika Unsade
  • Chaos Header (because Samuel used Light Spark to Cosmos and the monsters turns him good)


  • Unknown Leader of Ghost/Vicyan the Despair (revealed that she was mother of Samuel's Despair Memory and Yuuto's Wish which is she was destroyed by Agido's personal monster Kaijudon, only be revived from the evil light because she hide her identity, so he didn't know her until event the Season 2, she revealed that evil light was actually her secret attack to revive herself)
  • Sphere the Hopper (destroyed first by Kaijudon in standard fight, but revived from the evil light)
  • Claymoss the Genius (generated by Vicyan)
  • Lightnis the Bizarre (generated by Vicyan)
  • Iceburn the Blizzard (destroyed first by Kaijudon in giant battle, but revived from the evil light)


  • This is only time since Daikaiju Battle Galaxy, more than new season.

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