Daizen Monster: Powered (or sometimes called POWERED) is the first season of Daizen Monster series. The new featuring the main character was Michal Minato, an Accel-R and his partner Accelidon.


In the story of legend, these King's Memory Key called Accel-King are used by ancestor of Accel-R and seal the evil easts called Devigreed. In the present time, Michal Minato and his partner Accelidon drive to the cafe. At this happened disaster, the Devigreed released their seal and destroy the world.



Accel-R Michal Minato


RV Driver Sam Puckett


  • Dr. Maki (reappearance since Triplet)


  • Base of Apollo/Apollo Crisis (blew up into several pieces by Accel-R Final Drill)
    • Shocker (destroyed in the finale by Accel-R Final's Super Kick Attack)
  • Lilygiri (destroyed by Accel-R Final)
  • Mon Maker (survivor only to allies)
  • Accel-R Clone (defeated by Accel-R and RV Driver)


  1. Shocker 1 (destroyed by Accel-R)


Morphing DevicesEdit

  • Accel Belt
    • Heat Memory
    • Crescent Memory
    • Ice Memory
    • Zap Memory
    • Quake Memory
    • Magent Memory
    • Final Memory
  • RV Belt
    • Booster Memory
    • Upgrade Memory


There are 35 episodes to journey the past Super Sentai.

  1. Accelerate, Road to Justice
  2. Accelerate, Speed to Go
  3. Accelerate, Memory Lies
  4. Racing the Attacking

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