Dekanger: Net ClimaxMovie (デカンジャー:ネットクライマックスムービー, Dekanjā: Netto Kuraimakkusu Mūbī) is the sequel of Buster Squadron Dekanger: ClimaxMovie. There are three storys like other films. The first was murder mystery, second was secret mystery and third was teaching mystery.


Murder MysteryEdit

After the movie


Murder MysteryEdit

  • Roho Joo
  • Yiruma
  • Ratatsuke Castagnier
  • Captain Sardines
  • Felme
  • Atera

Secret MysteryEdit

  • Peter Griffin
  • Narutaki
  • Lapis

Teaching MysteryEdit

  • Samuel Joo
  • Dillain Joo
  • Akina Miyazawa
  • Dr. Maki
  • Escape

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