End of Nega

End of Nega, Burajin's original Dark Gosei Power

(エンドオブネガ, Endo Obu Nega) is the Brajira's original Dark Gosei Power which is opposite of End of Life (エンドオブライフ, Endo Obu Raifu), a Gosei Power that cause to verge their extinction since the description is said that End of Life that can revive or miracle which that used to prevent from extinction and memories. However, Samuel betrays Brajira who blames him because he was traitor of Gosei World. He grabbed his Gosei Orbs to used as a part of his true plan and using the all of the T2 Gaia Memories to absorbing all of the Core Medals including the Poseidon Core Medals with Brajira's Gosei Orbs to turned End of Nega into Evolution Beast Vessel of Living Orb (リビングオーブの進化獣船, Ribingu Ōbu no Shinkajūsen), an orb-like vessel then absorbed by Samuel to permanently summoned their 100 Numberon Beasts.

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