Final Episode: Pirates Victorious, Dark Zone Defeated!! (最終回: パイレーツ勝利、ダークゾーンに勝利!, Saishūkai: Pairētsu Shōri, Dāku Zōn ni Shōri!) is the final episode of Misunderstanding Squadron Pirateger. The final battle against Clive and his flagship MegaArmorShip.


With the still final battle in previous episode, Dillain, Rokai and Clive are still fighting inside the MegaArmorShip. Clive using his twin sword to slashs them, but real deal is summoning GaoRed, Lilia, ShinkenRed and GoseiRed to lure and slashing him before Rokai used Oxzooka to finishing Clive off once more. However, he still not dead yet until Dillain change into Go-OnRed with Asuna and Kiyama style to taking him down. Rokai change into NewGo-OnRed, then change into Yuuri style to slash him. Dillain transform back, rechange into GekiRed just like Jealousto training and used Gokai Burst to charge him. However,

Meanwhile, at the MegaArmorShip, Miru, Anjangna, Gangtuji and Noodle see Clive in the pilot.

As soon

The MegaArmorShip blasting six Pirategers and Dillain forcing to returns his old friends into Character Keys then jumped into Gokai Animals and formed Gokai Kaizoku, Kaizokero-Oh, Gokai Ryuken and GokaiOxKing to destroys MegaArmorShip. Unfortunately, MegaArmorShip transformed into true and Mega-ZORD form and completely beating their mechas (exception of Gokai Kaizoku) however. Formed with DekaGun and Mystical Dragon to destroy its armor which is Dillain's following figures to destroy its armor. Dillain calls DekaGun and Mystical Dragon to formed them inculding Masane, Goranvure, Terumi and Nejilcon to destroys MegaArmorShip's armor before its roasted. Dillain summons Kneesocks to slash the MegaArmorShip's scraped armor and destroyed. In order to destroy the weaken MegaArmorShip, Gokai Kaizoku combines with Yuuri (formed MagiYuuri-Oh), Reika (formed ShinkenReika-Oh), Tenku Bird and Mitsugi (formed Tenkun Kaizoku) and Catherine and Yuu (formed Kaizoku X3) to destroys an weaken MegaArmorShip's last armor. However, it still not destroyed yet, but ultimately used Ultimate Kaizoku to destroys MegaArmorShip's parts. When its parts are scrapped, they formed into Kaizokujin to break the Mega-ZORD down. Before the finisher, he saw the glowing light new and final Ranger Key to unlock the special present. But, not yet ready to defeat Clive however, Dillain using Pirate Sword Final Wave Mode with Kaizokujin's katana ready to charged and ultimate and final Great Power can be Final Gokai Slash to slice the MegaArmorShip then his final words before it was destroyed.


  • The last Great Power was Final Gokai Slash resembled of Sylia Von Bernstein.

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