Hayate Kosaka was a daughter of Ren Kosaka and Shigure Takashima.

Hayate Kosaka

She ability transform into black ShinkenRed named HayateRed. Her catchphase "Shooting of the Flames, HayateRed!".


She is looks like more than Takeru or Kaoru, but has different and darker black hair style. Her hair was resembled of her mother and calm temper like her father.


She was first appears on Pirateger as HayateRed. She easily defeat the weak monster and his minions. Dillain thanks to her and turned back into human, but she can revealed later. She revealed as Hayate Kosaka (mistaking named Takeru or Kaoru) and Samuel asked she is daughter of Ren and Shigure. Enter explained them Hayate was the protector of the legendary Secret Phone that Reika stoles it. Dillain gave the Secret Phone for the protection whatever he needs.