Landick of the Matrintis (マトリンティスのランディック, Matorintisu no Randikku) is the Matrintis/Landick combined attribute elite soldier created by Samuel who was in violent emotion. His powers was Landick after Samuel used Landick Orb creating him. His attacks was Smasherock and Fissurance copied version of used Crusherock and Quakence.


He was born by Samuel, creating Matrintis with Landick power and combine into single soldier along with Skick of the Warstar and Seaick of the Yuumajuu. He easily beat Burajin and Goseigers using the copied version of their Gosei Powers. However, Burajin still able to intrust Samuel's heart and used combined Gosei Power attack to defeat the evil Landick Mantrintis. Unfortunately for Burajin, he still got Landick Orb then enlarge himself before Bibi Flyer powering up the Landick Key to his true form. He easily beat Miracle Gosei Great and Gosei Ground, but for now he was finished and quickly destroyed by Exotic Miracle Gosei Great. Thought to be destroyed, he survived after revived by Landick Orb and quickly absorb him. In the short minutes, he was pursuit destroyed by Super Gosei Great and Gosei Ground. Unfortunately, not before he warns them because Samuel will not be saved and Burajin's wedge was destroyed by remain of himself.