Misunderstanding Squadron Pirateger: Yogoshi's Test is the first film of Pirateger. This featuring the where Dillain and the others were only main protagonists to against the major antagonist Yogoshimacritien. The returning villains as the elite Barbaric Machine Beasts was Cho-Barbaric Machine Beasts of Roger, Amchel and K'nuckles.


This movie is starts of Yogoshimacritein looking in hell and waited for his revenge. Samuel and Eureka having a Dillain's birthday, Burajin gave the new Goranvure and some five new Character Keys. When the special presents is, but most important secret however. The something strangely clouds over the place, the ten BiBi Bugs attacking Burajin's ship, but defeating most of them except one of them who stealing Blank Card went to the field. BiBi Bug reviving Samuel's old villain Yogoshimacritein. Samuel and the others accept to destroy him, but he summoned and revives Samuel's old foes and tempt as Super Bankiju. Yogoshimacritein forcing them to teleporting them to other Dimensions.

He teleported to Biohazard universe that where Samuel fighting against Biolinkers.


Lion Dillain Joo
Cure Black Miru Benson
Drill Ajjangna
Rhino Gangtuji
Formula Noodle


  • Samuel Joo
  • Burajin
  • Eureka
  • Jirou
  • Peter Griffin


  • Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein
  • Shadow the Knight
  • Eustace
  • Mikoto
  • Captain Sardines
  • Meridy

Past AntagonistsEdit

  • Roger of the Landick
  • Amchel of the Skick
  • K'nuckles of the Seaick
    • Earth Minister K'nuckles
    • Chimatsuri K'nuckles
    • K'nuckles of the Messiah
    • K'nuckles of the Reincarnation
  • Lemcrab
  • Corset


This five new Character Key was given power by Burajin after Samuel loses his few powers.

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