Modiken, Triplet and Ai: Awakening King OOO (モディケン、トリプレットとアイ:目覚めキングオーズ, Modiken, Toripuretto to Ai: Mezame Kingu Ōzu) is the 2013 movie in February 29, 2013 and film of Daizen Monster: Modiken which is crossover with Triplet and Mahou Shoujo Ai. This movie where taking place after the final episode. The movie where Negataros turns Samuel, Saya and Ryotaro (again) into de-aged form because their transformation was cancelled by a Sadako's cloned daughter named Disorted Rider (nickname SY). The first story where the two dimensional was collapsed into the wormhole which is cloning Sadako's evil spiritual, Organism X's DNA and Samuel's Copyed D-Medals to create a evil Dark Rider. The second story where Samuel and the others were turned into de-aged form by SY and their transformation is temporary cancelled, only Takashi and the groups were handled except for Lady Bat who still transform into TaMoriBa Combo. The third story was after Organism X was destroyed, Kairu saw the new D-Medals such as Dragon, Manta and Sphnix Medals. However, the enemy of Triplet were sighted and steals the new set of three new Copyed D-Medals. He transformed into Modiken once again along with Colored to fight off against Suddendath Beta. Unfortunately, the energized D-Medals infecting SY to evolve into Galaxized Rider. The final story was team-up against Galaxized Rider. The reappearance of Daizen Hero Signal who ready to fight against Nega Rider.


The Dimensional CollapseEdit

After the finale of Modiken, the dimensional portal was collapsed and falls into the sea, creating the disaster cause. On Tsukasa's house, Samuel and Yuuto was still overfighting in over and over until they were punched by Eureka then asking them to be nice. Burajin calls everyone to he has a impossible problem that the dimensional portal is collapsing. The dimensional portal falling to the sea and create the new era called Galaxy Era.