Mystical Squadron Magiranger
Number 14
Number of episodes: 69
First episode: Legend of Ozu
Themes: Mystical Squadron Magiranger Themes
Power Rangers Counterpart: Power Rangers: Mystic Force
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Mystical Squadron Magiranger (神秘戦隊マジレンジャー, Shinpi Sentai Majirenjā) is the 14th Super Sentai of the Millennium series.


In episode 9, Drake revealed Houka is the vampire from Vampire Clan and her real name is Susha Vampin the daughter of Vampira.

In episode 28, Shadow was returned as the Wolzard and Samuel seem his flashback he though to be dead.


Phoenix/Dragon/Bat Samuel Joo
Leo Freddy Benson
Dolphin Sam Puckett
Bull Spencer Shay
Rabbit Carly Shay


Inferinal EmpireEdit

  • Master Greegar
  • Ultimate Weapon Xenopos
  • Vampira
  • The Gods of Terror
  • Fiendroid
  • Bio Maskarade

​Old VillainsEdit

  • Shadow (revealed as the Wolzard)
  • Eustace
  • Mikoto
  • Fiend Trooper


Morphing DeviceEdit

  • MysticWand
  • SunWand
  • LegendAbsorber - A MagiRed's secondary morphing device that can transformed into his Final Form.
  • Yojinkaixtreme - A sentient and bird model-like morphing device that allows to transform into his second Final Form. The first appearance was episode 44 after Samuel unconscious and transformed into Heavenly Saint. Later, it appeared in episode 48 with Samuel (as Ryugel) to transformed into MagiRed Shininjinkai Form. In Gun Mode, he can channel his previous Legend Powers.

MysticWand's CodesEdit


  • ​MagiMagiJinka
  • MagiJinkaMagi
  • MagiSwordJinka
  • MagiJinkaJinka
  • MagiSwordJinkaMagi
  • MagiBurstMagiJinka
  • MagiMagiJinkaGo (used as finisher)


  • MagiSwitchJinka (Used by Samuel to switchs Houka's voice and body)


  • Magiranbuster
    • Phoenix Saber
    • Leocrusher
    • Dolphiarrow
    • Bulldagger
    • Rabbitgun
  • ​MagiLampBlaster
  • Magijinkasword - A powerful sword and personal weapon for Samuel as MagiRed Shininjinka Form or using Main Form. When using four Legend Powers, he can destroys the enemies without single scratch.


  • CallMagiSokan (used to call MagiAnimals)
    • MagiCallJinka
      • ​MagiPhoenix
      • MagiLeo
      • MagiDolphin
      • MagiBull
      • MagiRabbit
      • MagiZebra
      • MagiRay
      • MagiDragon
  • MagiJinkaGattai
  • MagiJinkaBuso


The episodes are called Spells and Magi Animals will narrates.

  • Spell 1: Legends with Ozu! (Part One)
  • Spell 2: Magi Magi Jinka Gattai (Part Two)



  • It the second time when both Freddy as the SentaiYellow and Sam as the SentaiBlue. They hates cooties for stuff.