Ninja Squadron Tornadoger
Number 11
Number of episodes: 70
First episode: The Begins Ninja
Themes: Ninja Squadron Tornadoger Themes
Power Rangers Counterpart: [[{{{powerrangers}}}]]
Original airing: {{{airdate}}}

Ninja Squadron Tornadoger is the 10th Super Sentai and Heisei series.


After the event Zoids, Samuel saying goodbye to his friends and go back to Gaoranger universe. However, this only his old universe called Ninja World previously after Ninjaman. The new Sentai Rangers is ready to attack him. During that time, the Ninjaman was a teachers. This only way to defeat new enemy called Jaburaki Empire (successor of Jurasaka Empire), the new suit is called Tornadoger. During the first episode, he calls to his friends Sam Puckett and Freddy Benson except Spencer and Carly who caused too much for them.



Hawk Samuel Joo
Lion Freddy Benson
Dolphin Sam Puckett


Beetle Hayate Ushimara
Stag Fujirou Ushimara


Bird Tornado Bird




Morphing DeviceEdit

  • Karukari Brace H
  • Karukari Brace B
  • Karukari Brace W


  • Shido Rod
  • Tenkun Buster
    • Senpuuja Buster
      • Hurrican Buster
        • ​Hawk Naizer
        • Lion Holder
        • Dolphin Waver
  • ​Mammoth Sealer

Karukari BallsEdit


These sentient machines are called Ninja Machines because it lives on Ninja World.

​Other CombinationEdit


  • Freddy used the Yellow Ranger and Sam used the Blue Ranger for the first time, but almost dislike it until they like it.

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