Rokai Esumi
Gender: Male
Relative/families: Sosuke Esumi (father)
Akina Miyazawa (mother)
Season: Misunderstanding Squadron Pirateger
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Friends: Samuel Joo
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Rokai Esumi is the mysterious boy until revealed he's a son of Sosuke Esumi and Akina Miyazawa.


He's is first appeared in episode 32 who stole Samuel's Go-On Red Key. As Dillain say that his last name, Rokai didn't want to tell anyone then flip the coin and his favorite heads. In episode 44, his father has the racing and mother has a cook for him. Until the episode 45, Sosuke revealed he's is his son and Akina as well. Before he joined his team


  • Rokai Esumi is the one of the Go-Onger's child with Hayate Kosaka.