Skick of the Warstar (ウォースターのスカイック, U~ōsutā no Sukaikku) is the Warstar/Skick combined attribute elite soldier created by Samuel who in violent emotion. Since he was reappearance, he used the Skick attacks InvisitwisterDefendicane and Hurricalighting, a copied version of Goseigers' Skick Gosei Cards.


He was born by Samuel, creating Warstar with Skick Power combine into single elite soldier. He used all of his Skick Power to take out Goseigers. He calling themselves as a "ruthless weaking". As Sakurako feeling trust at Samuel, he was defeated by GoseiYellow's combined Landick/Comprethunder attack before he enlarged himself as his true form and unlock the power of Skick with Bibi Flyer. He manage to beat Seaick Gosei Great until combine into Ground Gosei Great to take him down with Seaick Saw Crusher. However, he quickly absorb the Skick Orb to make himself invulnerable until Landick Brothers arrives and combine into Landick Miracle Gosei Great to Miracle Knuckles Punisher to strike the evil Skick Warstar and destroyed him. However, not before that remain of Warstar's powers to re-energize Burajin's wedge to make disappeared like other remains.