Super Sentai: Return of Samuel (knowns アルティメットオールスタースーパー戦隊とプリキュア, Arutimetto Ōru Sutā Sūpā Sentai to Purikyua, Ultimate All-Star Super Sentai and Pretty Cure) is the crossover of Super Sentai and Pretty Cures. The featuring main characters was Samuel the former Sentai Warrior and Higashi knowns as Cure Passion. This featuring the secondary characters his friends are ready to battle against Dai-Destructor. The story is about Samuel's past thinks about his deceased old friend Asami Nakaoka much as Enter's worried.




  • Samuel Joo/TaRaKai/Ultimate TaRaKai/BlackShocker Super
    • Megazord Gamma 2.0/Megazord Gamma BS ver.S
    • Asami Nakaoka (spirit form)



  • Galaxy King Supreme (defeated by three combination combo and destroyed by Samuel and his Megazord)

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