Super Sentai Manga Trilogy was the new and improved manga of Super Sentai based on Samuel's Quest and one bonus part Post-Samuel's Quest. It was released in Augest 8, 2013. After event of the previous series, it can drew and retelling the story. Unlike the previous series, this manga can change the synopsis and anime-characters couldn't appeared in the manga.

Differences of TV SeriesEdit

  • Samuel was not a anti-hero since originally tv series, but a hero in manga.
  • Unlike TV Series, this manga was more difficult nudity and tiny-bit violences.
  • Though Samuel killed Jellal as Beast 2nd Form Rising, he was revived as a ally and turned back into good.
  • Asami was never killed and involves to the TV Series.
  • Rolf married Saya Otonashi unlike TV Series before the end of Samuel's Quest.
  • Samuel never killed Lelouch unlike the TV series and never involved his adopted brother Rolo.
  • Samuel's secret was revealed like TV series about his predecessor/father and mother were married and she give birth the baby then named him Samuel 'Nakaoka" Joo after name of his father.
  • Unlike the TV Series, Eureka's calm and arrogent personality to calm and aggressive.
  • Sasuke Uchiha wasn't true antagonist at all unlike the TV Series.

List of the VolumesEdit

Singular RiderEdit

  1. The Prologue (Samuel and Sadako re-first appearance, starting fight to death at HOTD World, Enter joins Samuel as Team Samuel)
  2. The Beginning, Decade (Unlike the series, Tsukasa gained Samuel's trust before Samuel)
  3. Enter the Cure Aqua
  4. Unlocking the Secret
  5. Samuel vs. Jellal (Samuel suddenly transformed into Beast 1st form, but then caused into Beast 2nd Form Rising)
  6. Samuel's Rampage (Samuel continues to rampage because of his anger until Enter calls him to return back into his normal)
  7. The Alert, G Den-O
  8. Faizing Fire
  9. Survive As One
  10. Perfect Ryuki Partner
  11. Ryuga Nightmares
  12. The World of Diend (Like the TV Series, Daiki become apprentice for Samuel)
  13. Den-O, Ryotaro Liner
  14. Loving Fate
  15. Agito and Gills
  16. Samuel's Fury (Samuel was corrupted from Seed of Agito to make worse cause Beast 2nd Form)
  17. Gills Save Samuel (Gills saves Samuel from influence of the Beast)
  18. The Dark Rider World
  19. Singular Rider is Complete (Samuel as Singular Rider completely gains the COMPLETE Form)
  20. The Beginning Kiva (Wataru Kurenai re-first appearance and asked Samuel to destroy Decade, but he refused to kill Tsukasa)
  21. Kiva is Hope
  22. Arc the First Place
  23. Rey in the Dark Town
  24. The Attack of Sasword
  25. It The Samurai
  26. A Red Samurai and the Cure
  27. Upgrades, D-Touch
  28. Work Together as Love
  29. East to Eas (Samuel accidentally capture Eas RIDE Card)
  30. Bringing Out Gatack
  31. Destruction of Singular Rider (Samuel flashback when he destroys all of the universes)
  32. Break Out
  33. Freshly Curing (Samuel gains Fresh Precure RIDE Cards sets)
  34. Kabuto of the Future
  35. Barricade of the Hibiki
  36. Explosion, Kuuga Ultimate Attack
  37. Eve's Hope
  38. Kabuki, The Legendary Oni
  39. The Event of Singular Rider S (Samuel tolds the story about his predecessor and father who has same name)
  40. Will or Power
  41. Gatack, the Hero Future
  42. Kiva and Waon
  43. Fangire Note (Wataru Kurenai gains the FinalAttackRide Card called Kiva Note then left of Samuel's teammates, but still transformed into Kiva or summon DGBK Emperor Form)
  44. Change, Caucasus
  45. Kuuga (Samuel and Daiki journey to Kuuga Universe and meet Yuusuke as Kamen Rider Kuuga successor of Godai)
  46. Sadness (Yuusuke was unable to save her because of poison, but Samuel has a amazing idea to change the past)
  47. Happiness (Samuel used Hyper Clock Up RIDE Card, an upgraded version of original Clock Up RIDE Card to go the past then save her from)
  48. The True Kind
  49. The Man with True Life
  50. Samuel vs. Tsukasa: Battle of Daishocker (footage to Singular Rider S: Decade vs. Daishocker and TV Series' finale)
  51. The Beast Rampage (Samuel transformed into Beast Mode Rising once again then goes on the rampage much as Tsukasa's horror)
  52. The Friendship Hope (Samuel resume his rampage until Tsukasa throws his replacement Rider Card away then returned back to heroic side before revealing his true Beast Mode named Stage 3)
  53. The Final Flight Battle (Wataru thanking Samuel to help Tsukasa become the heroic side then receive the gift for his helping him; the next rank called Sentai Ranger Mode)

Zyuranger to SpacerangerEdit

  1. Meeting the Friends (Sam Puckett, Carly Shay, Freddy Benson and Spencer Shay first re-appearance)
  2. The Dinosaurs Long Time
  3. Arise, Daizyujin
  4. The Beauty and the Bandor
  5. Rumble of Monster
  6. Attack of the Lumbus
  7. The Strange Thing
  8. Battle of the DragonRanger
  9. Daizyujin's Falls
  10. Dragon Caesar
  11. Gouryujin, Arrival
  12. Burai, Lives
  13. Samuel Save Burai
  14. King Brachion, Awakening
  15. The New Goma Monster
  16. Satan is Coming
  17. Revive, Ultimate Daizyujin
  18. Miracle Armor, Tyrannoranger SuperArmed
  19. Kai, Son of Bandora
  20. Guardian Beasts, Sent Away
  21. To Ohranger
  22. Samuel vs. Machine Beast
  23. Barmon Empire Fight Back
  24. OhPuncher, Awakened

Gingaman to TimerangerEdit

Eureka SevenEdit

  1. The Meet of Eureka
  2. The Secret of Eureka
  3. The Final Ends


  1. Samuel's Voice


  1. The Finale Continues