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Super SquadronEdit

  1. Secret Squadron Goranger (1975-1977)
  2. J.A.K.Q. Blitzkrieg Squad (1977)
  3. Battle Fever J (1979-1980)
  4. Electronic Squadron Denziman (1980-1981)
  5. Solar Squadron Sun Vulcan (1981-1982)
  6. Great Squadron Goggle Five (1982-1983)
  7. Scientific Squadron Dynaman (1983-1984)
  8. Super Electronic Bioman (1984-1985)
  9. Blitzkrieg Squadron Changeman (1985-1986)
  10. Supernova Flashman (1986-1987)
  11. Light Squadron Maskman (1987-1988)
  12. Super Beast Squadron Liveman (1988-1989)
  13. High-Speed Squadron Turboranger (1989-1990)
  14. Earth Squadron Fiveman (1990-1991)
  15. Birdman Squadron Jetman (1991-1992)
  16. Dinosaur Squadron Zyuranger (1992-1993)
  17. Five-Star Squadron Dairanger (1993-1994)
  18. Ninja Squadron Kakuranger (1994-1995)
  19. Super-Powered Squadron Ohranger (1995-1996)
  20. Racing Squadron Carranger (1996-1997)
  21. Electromagnetic Squadron Megaranger (1997-1998)
  22. Starbeast Squadron Gingaman (1998-1999)
  23. Rescue Squadron GoGo-V (1999-2000)
  24. Future Squadron Timeranger (2000-2001)
  25. 100-Beast Squadron Gaoranger (2001-2002)
  26. Stealth Wind Squadron Hurricaneger (2002-2003)
  27. Burstosaur Squadron Abaranger (2003-2004)
  28. Special Investigation Squadron Dekaranger (2004-2005)
  29. Magical Squadron Magiranger (2005-2006)
  30. Rumbling Squadron Boukenger (2006-2007)
  31. Beast-Fist Squadron Gekiranger (2007-2008)
  32. Engine Squadron Go-Onger (2008-2009)
  33. Samurai Squadron Shinkenger (2009-2010)
  34. Celestial Armament Squadron Goseiger (2010-2011)
  35. Pirate Squadron Gokaiger (2011-2012)
  36. Special Mission Squadron GoBuster (2012-2013)
  37. Electrobeast Squadron Kyoryuger (2013-)

Retro SeriesEdit

  1. Super Squadron Retroman
  2. Mutant Squadron Shinkager
  3. Superbeast Squadron Aniranger

Rider Series (Before Super Sentai)Edit


  1. Singular Rider (As beginning the story)
    1. Singular Rider S (after Singular Rider)
  2. Doubler Rider (after Gingaman)
    1. DoublerTwo Rider (after Doubler Rider)


  1. Ryuki Rider (after Futuranger)
  2. JACK Rider (after Ryuki and the game)
  3. Denchiju Sentai Beastman (after event of PR: G1 series)
  4. Oni Rider (after Tornadoger)
  5. Kabu Rider (after Oni Rider)
  6. Agido Rider (after Dinoranger)


  1. Kivata Rider (after Magiranger)
  2. Liner Rider (after Boukenger)
  3. Triplet Rider (after Go-Onger)


  1. Kaijitsu Rider (after Samuraiger)


  1. Kaijitsu Rider: Burst Slash (after the previous season)
  2. Kaijtisu Rider: Gourmet Slash
  3. NEOS Rider
  4. Bakugan: Metallic Saga

Showa SeriesEdit

  1. Dinosaur Squadron Zyuranger (Showa)
  2. Five Star Squadron ChiRanger
  3. Art Squadron Ninjaman
  4. New Squadron OhRanger
  5. Kart Squadron Turboger
  6. Galaxy Squadron Spaceranger

Heisei SeriesEdit

  • Early Heisei
  1. Starbeast Squadron Gingaman (Early Heisei)
  2. Firefighter Squadron Rescuger
  3. Time Squadron Futuranger
  • Late Heisei
  1. 100-Beast Squadron Gaoranger (Late Heisei) (visting Zoids series)
  2. Ninja Squadron Tornadoger
  3. Rampage Squadron Dinoranger (Dinoranger is only Purple Dinoranger ready to fight after Chasmo was accepted to heartful work)

Millennium SeriesEdit

  • Early Millennium
  1. Police Squadron Dekaranger
  2. Mystical Squadron Magiranger
  3. Rumbling Squadron Boukenger (Early Millennium)
  4. Beast-Fist Squadron Gekiranger (This only is not using summoning Gekibeast, but calls the Gekibeasts with the braces, visiting Blood+ series)
  5. Engine Squadron Go-Onger (Early Millennium, visting Dark Shell, H Shiyo, Bible Black and hhh Ecchi, Witchblade and Inazuma Eleven series)
  • Late Millennium
  1. Samurai Squadron Shinkenger (Late Millennium)
  2. Celestial Armament Squadron Goseiger (Late Millennium)
  3. Pirateger (The Pirateger is last Millennium series)

Trilogy SeriesEdit

  1. Misunderstanding Squadron Pirateger
  2. Fossilbeasts Squadron GO-Battler (this fossil creature called Kasekijū)
  3. Special Agent Squadron Squadonger (Known as SAS Ranger)
  4. Capsule Beasts: DX (Known as Kapusejū: Deluxe)


This series is also known as Legend Sentai. It changed sound effects, new looks and digital movement.

  • Before start GENERATION
  1. Daikaiju Battle Galaxy
  1. Buster Squadron Dekanger
  2. Magic Squadron Mystiranger
  3. Digital-Beast Squadron Monsuger
  4. Scanning Squadron Medager
  5. People Beast Squadron Wuranger
  6. Battery Vehicle Squadron Victorynger
  1. Survival Squadron Survivenger
  2. Survival Squadron Survivenger: Neo
    1. Daikaiju Neo Galaxy: Movie (a continuation of Survivenger to Neo)
  3. Fruit-seed Squadron Samuraiger

Nexus SeriesEdit

Daizen Heroes SeriesEdit

The rival of Super Sentai and Legend Sentai. This spin-off series was newly designed colored looks and newly nickname is Kaiju Sentai.

  1. Daizen Monster: Powered
  2. Daizen Monster: OZU
  3. Daizen Monster: Mebius
  4. Daizen Monster: Modiken
  5. Daizen Monster: Signal

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