Survival Squadron Survivenger (生存戦隊サヴァイヴンジャー, Seizon Sentai Savu~aivunjā) is the 29th season of GENERATION series. After the movie, the new evolved season will be 30th anniversary season called Survivenger Neo.


After event of Victorynger, Roho and Melk the Second were married because he shocked that her hair was beautiful and his newborn son named Agido Joo same name as Agido Rider.


Main RangersEdit

Tyrannosaurus/Survivenger Agido Joo
Plesiosaur/Explodinger Lola
Tupuxara/Kaminaringer Ibuki
Dragon/Hikaringer Hikaru Joo
Brachiosaurus/Gigaranger Ira


  • Tenguu Sai
  • Samuel Joo - A ancestor of Agido who see Rei shocked holding the unconscious Agido.
  • Doctor Unsade
  • Mika Unsade


Season 1Edit

  • Unknown Leader of Ghost/Vicyan (possessed to the mindless Doragokor's minion, but destroyed by new combination called Bakuretsujin, actually the ghost leader was Vicyan).
  • Zoima - A common enemy who dropped in one to four Energy Medals.
  • Caioma - A strong enemy who dropped in three to seven Energy Medals or rare kind is Guardians.
  • Doragokin - A fire enemy-like dragon created by Doragokor who dropped in four to nine Energy Medals or rare kind is Elemental Medals.

Season 2/PresentEdit

  • Vicyan the Despair
  • Sphere the Hopper
  • Claymoss the Genius
  • Lightnis the Bizarre
  • Iceburn the Blizzard


  1. Akatachi the Burn (beaten by Survivenger's 10x Slash and destroyed by Saurus)
  2. Ikishichi the Fallen (beaten by Survivenger's 10x Slash and destroyed by teamwork Saurus and Beta)
  3. Mahanata the Gravel (beaten by Survivenger 10x Slash and destroyed by Ryuzao)
  4. Ragagiru the Fiend (beaten by Survivenger's new finisher called Triangle Slash and destroyed by new giant robo called Survivenjin)
  5. Futsugaia the Harden (beaten by Survivenger's Triangle Slash and destroyed by Survivenjin)
  6. Guzuzoubi the Lifeless (beaten by Survivenger's new finisher called Fast Triangle Slash and destroyed by Survivenjin Urara)
  7. Gabaito the Eplision (beaten by Deinos Survivenger's Deinos Finish and destroyed by Survivenjin Urara)
  8. Extinct the Disappear (beaten by Survivenger's Deinos Slash and destroyed by Survivenjin Dimentro)
  9. Ghomashi the Shell (beaten by Deinos Survivenger's Deinos Finish and destroyed by Survivenjin UraDimentro)
  10. Recover the Force (overwhelmed Survivenger, but destroyed by newly recruited member Lola the new Explodinger and her finisher called Miraging Shoot)
  11. Yumaoshi the Dark (beaten by Survivenger and Explodinger's Double Finish and destroyed by the another robo called Explodijin)
  12. Zaozao the Shakaku (beaten by Explodinger's Miraging Shoot and destroyed by Survivenjin and Explodijin)
  13. Doragokor the Fire (beaten by Survivenger and Explodinger's Double Finish and destroyed by Deinos Survivenger's Deinos Finish)
  14. Kujador the Phoenix (beaten by Survivenger's Fast Triangle Slash and Explodinger's Miraging Shoot then destroyed by Explodijin Kuranosuke)
  15. Chimihini the Mechanical (beaten by Explodinger's Miraging Shoot and destroyed by Bakuretsujin)
  16. Ikishisu the Tako (beaten by Explodinger's Miraging Shoot and destroyed by Explodijin Tauros)
  17. Ushikabura the Bullhorn (beaten by Super Form called Burning Survivenger's Burning Accelerate and destroyed by Survivenjin Kuranosuke)
  18. Zadaruno the Storm (beaten by new recruited member named Ibuki the new Kaminaringer, a lone spirit who summoned in the shrine and destroyed by the untamed Tupuxzander)
  19. Skyleo the Lion (beaten by Burning Survivenger's new finisher called Triangle Kasaiken and Kaminaringer's Zander Slash and destroyed by new mecha called Zanderijin)
  20. The Final One (destroyed by three Rangers)
  21. Revolver the Carimo


  • The Mysterious Ghost - a mysterious girl who guild Agido to go the forbidden place Project Zero World.
  • Sae Kurosawa - A deadiest villainous of Samuel Joo. This cause Agido was badly beaten by Sae even his Deinos Armor won't affect her.
  • Rei Kurosawa - A heroine ally of Samuel Joo. This cause she saved Agido from Sae finishing him off. She said Agido was not giving up that can used upgrade by Prism Timer.


Morphing DevicesEdit

  • Survive Phone
  • Prism Timer - A upgrade morphing device that used for Agido Joo. First created by Rei empowered Agido's enough courage to upgrade him as stronger then insert the Guardian onto it.


  • Energy Medals - A medals used to Survival Gun or Guardians.
  • Elemental Medals - A colored medals used to Survival Gun and Guardians with the power of these elements.
  • Survival Gun
  • ​Survive Sword
  • Explodin Blaster
  • Kaminari Axe
  • Hikari Saber
  • Brachio Riff


These Guardians were supported weapons due defeating the Caimas.

  • Deinos Armor
  • Unico Spear
  • Kentro Spike
  • Shinken Zebra
  • Tyranno DoubleW


Like Pirateger, they transformed into mecha form. This new featuring was the Combo Change Series like Triplet as mechas.

Combo FormationsEdit

Combination FormationEdit

Carrier MechaEdit


Survive ArcEdit

  1. BurnSuiDegon! Agido the Hot-headed Boy
  2. Sui-Sui! Beta and OZU (Beta left off to Agido)
  3. Girigiri! The Hunting Ryuzao
  4. BurnSuiGiri! Survivenjin Glaw
  5. Hurts Going! Survivenger United
  6. Oh My! Urara the Heroine
  7. Growl!! Find the Dugaduga
  8. Kyoryu!! The Dimentro Hero
  9. Ahhhhhhh!! Ghost on the Shell
  10. The Heroine Ranger, Explodinger
  11. My Word! Explosion Combination
  12. The Unknown Leader of Ghost
  13. Two Gods Combine, Bakuretsujin
  14. Crossdressing!? Bakuretsu
  15. Oh no! Agido vs. Sae (Part One)
  16. The Land Bull, Tauros (Part Two)
  17. Prism Timer, On (Part Three)
  18. Zander! The Thunder Hero
  19. Thunder Mecha, The Third God
  20. All Together, The Three Gods Unites (this episode will be to the movie as final episode before the sequel season)

The Final Escape BattleEdit

  1. Zander Unite, Raiuretsujin
  2. Hikaru, The Lime Ranger (Hikaru Joo reappearance)
  3. Long Dragon, Hikari Combine
  4. Joining In, Sleep Tight
  5. Three Gods, Hikaretsujin is Here
  6. Uh-Oh. Getting Away
  7. Ahhhhh!! Surprise Apple
  8. Let's Go! The Dangerous Place of Ghosts
  9. Ira, the Gigaranger
  10. What's that?! Brachion the Giga Dinosaur was Here
  11. Super Transformation! GigaBrachion
  12. Going Crazy, Escape From Survival Place
  13. Uh-Oh! Attack of Dorans
  14. The King, Surivenhaoh
  15. It's Here, Super Red Hot-Headed
  16. The Great Escape
  17. The Final Deslusive
  18. The Justice of Delusion
  19. Finale, Showtime
  20. Final Episode: The Final Hope



  • Unlike other seasons, this season will be 

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