The Strongest Five Warriors of Legends (伝説の5最強戦士, Densetsu no Go Saikyō Senshi) is the ally of Samuel Joo, Samuel's predecessor and father who protect their worlds. Afterwards, Samuel Nakaoka's title were passed to his son as new leader. After the invasion of Beasts, Samuel Nakaoka forcefully leaves this world but his heart was strucked by new life planet. He finally change his heart for now and create the newly birth named Lohime and his Leader Guardians.



  • Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo the Second (currently)
  • Daido Katsumi (revived in the last part of Go-OnRedGoldExtra Saga after killed by Samuel)
  • Jinpachi (restored his physical form)
  • Hunter J (recovered after Samuel destroy her aircraft then heal her before Samuel revealed her truth)
  • Wise God Torin


  • Samuel Joo (first pass the title)
  • Samuel Nakaoka Joo the First (Deceased)
  • Zebra (mentor of Samuel Nakaoka the Second who guide to his true memories, Active)
  • Reins Joo (Deceased)
  • Takatora Kureshima


  • When Crysta Mu was summoned, the three silhouette members Daido, J and Torin was appeared.