United Army Armament Gattai: GoseiHyperRed is the combination of all his friends. In episode 35 and during the battle against Door Of Creeps, Samuel isn't give up and begin charges his Skick Power then Gosei Card turns into United Army Gattai Card. In order to defeat Door Of Creep, GoseiKnight can transformed into Groundion used as addition power to attach Terumi's back torso. Within the attached, Kazemaru, Zaizen, Jirou and Fubuki placed the GoseiKnight's legs and formed into GoseiHyperRed to defeat him. His attacks was Landick Strike, Seaick Splash and Skick Tornado. With the enemy was badly injured, his finishing move is Victory Head Strike to vaporizes the enemies.

Other FormsEdit

  • GoseiHyperRed SP 1 is formation of Genderswap Samuel and his all friends. During the battle K'nuckles in Vs. Shinkenger, Samuel will not give up and Gosei Card about to glow into newest Gattai Card into another form. His attack was similarite than original form is Landick Modikara Strike, Seaick Modikara Splash and Skick Modikara Tornado. His finisher was using their Gosei Power and Modikara then call the symbol of Headders and Origamis and summoned Garimaru then slash called Gosei Modikara Slash to slice him for good.
  • GoseiHyperRed Special #2 is formation of Genderswap Samuel, his friends, Skyleon and Sealeon (exception of Kiyama and Reina because they were teleported to prison). Confused by Samuel making a ridiculous combination, but Burajin knows. His attacks is the version of original form Landick Fissure, Seaick Storm and Skick Hurricane. His finisher was with the three attack cards and create a finisher called All Victory Charge Strike.

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